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About Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd

Executive summary

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd focus on acquiring, renovating, developing and selling properties, and thereby creating added value to vendors, buyers, tenants and investors.
By focusing on the right location, targeting properties with value-adding opportunities and creating above market quality and high quality homes, Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd will steadily grow its property portfolio. Our focus is to create quality homes, providing win-win-win-solutions for vendors, affordable homes for buyers, securing exceptional service to our tenants and nurturing a professional team. All acquired by high quality relations.

Short history

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd is a newly formed company in the Wesley Enterprises Group.  

With several years of experience from construction and renovation, gardening, domestic services and staffing in Sweden, the owners has now chosen to start up property investing and development in the UK.  During the last 7 1/2 years, the business in Sweden employed at most over 200 people with a customer base in 21 different counties.

Current focus

Starting up the new business in the UK, Wesley Enterprises Development is currently focusing on finding distressed properties in Wales, in order to renovate the properties to a good standard.  Doing this, we are able to contribute to the society, not only by fixing a property that might look very ugly in the neighbourghood, but also providing the local entrepreneurs with work.  And off course the obvious - we are able to provide people with good home at affordable prices. 

Mission statement 600x400 1.0.1Mission statement

Description of the business in a way that the business would like to be perceived in the future

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd is a well-known development business within the property market, buying, selling and letting properties. With consideration, commitment and excellence, we are recognized for providing quality, comfort and security to our customers – in relations, performance and final results. We are respected for our integrity, high quality work, speed and reliability.

Vision 600x400 1.2.1Vision

How a utopia would look like

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd is provider of attractive, above market quality and high quality homes, to an affordable price range. The company will contribute to a society in balance and harmony, characterized of respect, community and care in all we do, while still creating maximum profit in every property transaction.

Mission 600x400 1.1.1Mission

How we will reach the vision

With consideration, commitment and excellence in relations, performance and final result, Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd will provide the customers with above market quality and high quality homes. We will also strive to create and maintain a high customer satisfaction, above 95%.

Passion 600x400 1.1Passion

What drives us to run the business

The passion of Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd is to be able to create win-win-win solutions in the property market, while providing work and producing affordable high quality homes.

Latest flip opportunities

0002-20170222 3 bed terraced house Cardiff

3 bed terraced house, central location, Ideal project for investor.

New BTL opportunities

New BTL opportunities coming soon

Latest HMO opportunities

0003-20170222 3 bed semi-detached house Newport

Three bedroom semi detached with detached garage requiring full renovation.

New flat opportunities

New FLAT opportunities coming soon

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd.

Bank House, 81 St. Judes Road, TW20 0DF, Surrey, United Kingdom 020 3287 6500

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