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Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd focus on acquiring, renovating, developing and selling properties, and thereby creating added value to vendors, buyers, tenants and investors.
By focusing on the right location, targeting properties with value-adding opportunities and creating above market quality and high quality homes, Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd will steadily grow its property portfolio. Our focus is to create quality homes, providing win-win-win-solutions for vendors, affordable homes for buyers, securing exceptional service to our tenants and nurturing a professional team. All acquired by high quality relations.

Current property search

Evolving out of other businesses in Sweden, Wesley Enterprises has several years of experience of construction and refurbishment on the Swedish market. Expanding the business to the UK market and being new to the area, we are now looking for distressed properties / vendors.

We, our network and  our investors, are currently looking for property in the area that is in need of refurbishment.
The property must meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Vacant properties
• Distressed properties
• Distressed vendors
• Vendors leaving the country
• Vendor in divorce
• Vendor who have died
• Smelly properties
• Interior in need of refurbishment
• Properties on market for a long time, or no longer on the market but still unsold
• Properties not being sold on auctions
• Properties not being decorated for +20 years
• Repossessed properties
• No large outstanding mortgage
• Development opportunities
• Retiring landlord

Current professional search

We are also looking for possible cooperation with local professionals, to strengthen our power team, all in the goal to create win-win-win solutions, for our buyers / tenants, partners and us.

We are currently looking for the following professional partners:

  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Gardener
  • Painter

Contact us

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Please contact us by email to or give us a call at 020 3287 6500.

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Latest flip opportunities

0002-20170222 3 bed terraced house Cardiff

3 bed terraced house, central location, Ideal project for investor.

New BTL opportunities

New BTL opportunities coming soon

Latest HMO opportunities

0003-20170222 3 bed semi-detached house Newport

Three bedroom semi detached with detached garage requiring full renovation.

New flat opportunities

New FLAT opportunities coming soon

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