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Executive summary

Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd focuses on creating economic profit and wealth for its investors.   We focus on secure investments, as in real estate and property development.  Our aim is to make investment increase of 10% or more for our customers.


Mission 600x400 1.1.1Mission statement

Description of the business in a way that the business would like to be perceived in the future

Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd is the investment company with heart and soul, not only focusing on creating wealth, but investing ethicly and in people.

Vision 600x400 1.1.1Vision

How a utopia would look like

Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd is creating a continuous investment increase, contributring to the wealth of all its investors, and companies in which it invests.

Mission 600x400 1.1.1Mission

How we will reach the vision

By profitable partnertships and investing in secure assets and companies with secure assets, like real estate ownership and property development, Wesley Enterpriseses Invest Ltd will create a continuous investment increase.

Passion 600x400 1.1Passion

What drives us to run the business

Being able to invest in secure asset-driven corporations and the people behind them, Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd are able to contribute to people and corporations growth and development, while still increasing the investment portfolio.
Corporations can never evolve beyond the people.  Therefore an investment in corporations in just as much an investment in the right people.

Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd.

Bank House, 81 St. Judes Road, TW20 0DF, Surrey, United Kingdom 020 3287 6500

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