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profitable property investment opportunities

We offer you great property investment opportunities, both in
United Kingdom & Mediterranean area.
Property investing in the UK

Property investment in the UK

There are a huge shortage of homes in the UK.
The demand for new homes, for rental and for purchase, is over 2 million nation wide.
This makes the UK a huge and profitable property market to invest in.  And besides creating great investment opportunities for any investor, we contribute to peoples lives, by providing them with jobs and new homes.
For the investor, this is a great market for very profitable investments. 

Property investing in North Cyprus

Property investing in the Mediterranean area

Besides the fact that visiting and living in the Mediterranean area is a great experience, the area also present some great investment opportunities.
The prices on property can vary greatly in the local areas and between countries.  
While Turkey attracts you with a different pace and low cost of living, Spain attracts people with larger budgets and a wish for a second home, North Cyprus is the place to invest for continuous cash flow and property appreciation.



Have money in the bank

All over the world, ordinary people with money usually have their money as "savings" in a bank account, with very low or no interest.
This is thousands of billions of dollars, of which the owner only lose value each year du to inflation.

Want to have a passive income

No matter your situation in life and business, creating streams of passive income is the best way to add to your current income, savings and investing for the future.

Want to leave a legacy

With investing in property, creating passive income steams, you can create a monetary legacy and a legacy of a property portfolio.  That is up to you.

want a second home in the sun

Why not enjoy your life to the fullest, in an environment that will fill you with energy, joy and happiness?  A home in the sunny area around the Mediterranean will give you just that, without necessarily ruining you.

want to retire in the sun

Enjoy your retirement in the Mediterranean area.  No matter where you are from, having the sun shining on you for 320+ days a year creates joy and happiness in your life like nothing else.

Want to escape grey-sky countries

In some countries and regions, the autumn and winter can feel very, very long.   It is normal to want to spend your time in a sunny region instead.

Want To Invest For Retirement

Whether you choose to retire in the sun or anywhere else, everyone need to save and invest for their retirement, since the government pension system is not working, in any country.

Therefore you need to consider your retirement in a young age.  The sooner the better. Remember you are responsible for you!

Want to learn about property investing

If you want to learn how to invest in property, with all the upsides that entails, you can start with investing with us, and you will learn during the investment process.

Dont have the time to actively manager your investment

If you have the desire to invest your money but don't have the time to manage your investment, we have the solution for you.

You may engage in your investing with us as much or little as you want to.  Each deal is unique, giving unique solutions for whatever you choose to involve yourself.

Want to see your money grow fast

Every deal is unique.
And all deals present a chance of making good return on the investment.  And with compounding interest you have the opportunity to see your investment grow fast.

Want a serious partner who know how to create value

Investing with us will give you a serious partner who knows how to invest in properties.  We can present several types of property investments, giving you a wide range to return on investment.

want to contribute to others

Since much of our property investing is in the UK, you also contribute to providing great and beautiful homes.

Our why


Being an experienced entrepreneur, we know how difficult it can be to be able to save up and invest for your retirement.  Having had the experience of being broke at one time, we are really passionate about assisting people to live a rich life, in every aspect of life, giving them the tools to realize their dreams and desires.

That is why we today work with Educations & Investing.
All our business is focused on combining theory and practice in the areas of Health, Wealth & Happiness.

If you want to follow our business and read more about us and our story, please follow the link. Thank you.

Additional Why


You lose money in the bank

With the banks giving you nothing or close to nothing in interest on your account, and the inflation being 2%-5% each year, you are losing money.  And then we don't even include the various costs of  having the account itself.

The pension system does not work

Most countries practice a variant of the same type of pension system, which were developed in the 1930's.  At that time about 40 people was paying the pension cost for 1 person.  Today that number it 1,4 person is paying for the pension of 1 person.  With a failing system, you need to secure your own retirement.

People don't have time

People don't always have the time or the will to invest their money, or to manage their investments, once they're done.
We take care of all that management for you and provide you with regular and continuous information.

People don't have the knowledge

Even though people have time and money, they may not have the knowledge or see the investment oportunities.  With our wide network and expertise, we can provide continuous property investment opportunities.  And you have the choise to be as involved as you like.

We want to assist you in increasing your wealth

We want to assist you in building and creating your wealth.  
No matter what people may think, money is one of the major driving forces in the world.  You need wealth to be able to create other things in life.

We want to assist you in living a rich life

We are really passionate about assisting you to create a rich life, - in all aspects of life.
And in order for your to live a ich life and to realize your dreams and desires, you need to invest your money smart.  That is where we come in.

6 major benefits


Great returns

We always strive to find the most profitable solution for all parties involved in our projects.  This gives the investor a return on investment that are, at least, far better than the bank.

Continuous opportunities

We continuously work to find and start new property projects, giving you the opportunity to invest in several winning solutions with us.

Professional expertise

Working with us, you will find that we know what we are doing, and that we have the network. menotrs and coaches to support us in each and every situation that might arise.

Large network

With our large network there is never far to solutions, additional expertise or deals.   We share generously with our network and clients, empowering each and everyone as much as we can.


For us, it is important to find a winning solution for all parties.  Everyone shall find that they benefit from our projects and feel like a winner.

Continuous investor updates

In order for you as investor or partner in our projects, we want you to feel fully participating to the extent that you choose.  Therefore we keep you continuosly updated on our project.

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