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Saving money "for a rainy day" is one of the most important things you can do in life.
Also, saving, i.e., putting some money aside, for all the things you want to have, do, and be in life is an essential part of life, if you don't want to create financial stress in your life.
But where should you start?
Read below, and you will hopefully get some more information that can guide you to what is right for you.

SAVING or investing?

It depends on several factors in your life.  Mostly it depends on if you want instant (or almost instant) gratification, or if you are willing to wait for your gratification, in order to have and experience something more.  It also depends on how old you are, what your income and expenses are, and what your life situation looks like.


Saving is when you put money aside to save for something that you want to purchase, often something tangible that increase your way of living, which changes your lifestyle to the better.

It could be a holiday, a new car, a new home etc.  It could also be saving up for an emergency fund, which would cover unexpected costs.  And…..it could be saving up for your pension.


Investing is all about taking a resource, in this case money, and make it grow.  For example, in order for you to have more money in the future, you may invest your current money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, shares and property.

When investing your money, you can either withdraw your dividends or you can let the money run year after year, in order to receive compounded interest on your money.


When it comes to savings and investing, we always come down to what is important to you.  Even though most people increase their income during their career, they still do not have enough money to save or invest.  That is because, as their income increases, so does the expenses (Murphys law).  In most cases they choose to increase their lifestyle.

Research show that approximately 1 % of the American people are financially free when retiring, 4% are rich enough so that they can afford their living, 10% have some savings set aside and 85% are poor.  Even if this is the statistics only for one country, the situation is not so different in most industrial western countries.

So… what is important to you?

Let us state this – if you are willing to limit your current lifestyle expenses for a period of time in your life, you may achieve total financial freedom. Then you could have the lifestyle of the financially free.  Would that be worth it to you?


In the beginning of life, as you become a grown up, you need money in order to create your life and your living. Then it is good to have some money saved (or invested), so that you have enough to set up a life and a home of your own.
In our opinion, this money should be available to you since your parents have helped you and educated you about saving and investing during your childhood, and helped you to save up your money for this purpose. But sadly, that is hardly the case. All because financial literacy is nothing we are taught in school. And most people / parents don’t have the education or understanding to create these savings.
In the regards to save or to invest – Why not do both?


Once you have set up your life as an individual, with your own home, and maybe with your own family, our recommendation is to first save to an emergency fund.
The general rule is to save up so that you have savings for at least 3 months of expenses. The more savings you have for a longer period of living expenses, the better.
Preferably you could have 3 months of expenses in liquid savings and invest the rest in a way that you are able to convert it into liquid cash within 3 months, if need arises.


Once you have an emergency fund of 3 months worth of expenses, you should consider investing your money.

In the beginning, set as a goal to save at least 10% of your monthly income. Set yourself savings goals. The goals could be to save to something you want to buy, or to save up to a lump of money that you want to invest.

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