We enriches lives. Helping you create freedom in  wealth, time and health

Wesley Enterprises Group is a group of companies, focusing on creating freedom for you!
By our definition you can only be truely free when you have the wealth to be able to do what you want, and the time freedom to do it when you want, and the health to be able to do it.  Then you have the opportunity and possibility to do exactly what you want, wether it is to create financial freedom for increasing your lifestyle, enjoying life, traveling, experiencing other cultures, helping others, public speaking, educating others or leaving a legacy.

Therefore out focus is on financial investing to create your wealth, personal development and task / work management to create your time freedom and physical and mental training to assist you in creating your freedom in health.

Selector Development 1.0.001 

Wesley Enterprises Development Ltd

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Selector Invest 1.0.001  

Wesley Enterprises Invest Ltd

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Selector Holding 1.1.001  

Wesley Enterprises Holding Ltd

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Selector CoreValues 1.0  

Wesley Enterprises Core Values

Read more about our core values, which are the core foundation of the Wesley Enterprises Group.